simply crisped.

Hello world! I wasn’t planning on posting today, but all day I was thinking about it so now, I’m doing it. Today was relatively good. It started with a legal orientation for the entire foundation that I understood 5% of. Maybe a pinch more? Then off to Casa de Dios, which is where I am intended to spend an hour in Jesus time each morning but sometimes chaos takes over. Kinda like it did today, thirty minutes in to my bible time (currently reading through the Bible chronologically, I’m meandering through the Old Testament). I was summoned down to Sala Cuna to feed the screaming masses; I loved every single second of it. There is nothing that makes my heart happier than calming a frustrated tiny. Today that meant kissing toes, wiping snot onto my shirt, playing patty cake, peek a boo, and introducing the tiniest tiny to a new friend: the mirror. That was at least a half hour of fun. I also rocked her to sleep, which was great for her, since she was quite whiny before hand. There’s another tiny that I’m fond of (who am I kidding, I’m fond of them all) who is quite adventurous. She isn’t even walking completely steady, but climbs everything she can, including me. However, today she just wanted to snuggle and be on me. I put my legs out straight in front of me and she just laid there making faces at me and giggling. She’s an easy button. I’ve only seen her cry twice, she’s pretty rough and tumble! She can often be found scaling cribs or army crawling under them. She’s a little joy. 

Yesterday, my roommate Licoh and I hit the streets of Medellin for a ministry trip. We thought we’d be hanging out with prostitutes but that is not what we arrived to. It was a huge sancocho! We were there from nine to about one. In the sun. The bright, strong, raging sun. And now I’m nice and crispy. By crispy, I mean red. By red I mean these burn lines are going to last forever. But it was a great time. It was my first time completely rogue: no translator. Yikes. But I did ok. People,spoke more slowly to me and communication happened! We chopped tomatoes and cilantro for the huge stew as well as going out to pray for and invite people to come eat. I met some new people who I go to church with (it’s a HUGE church). Prayer was cool and powerful; I watched a twenty three year old man start crying while praying for a woman who was teetering between comprehending him and being swallowed by her drunkenness. She ended up crying, too. Same guy was later on his knees with a homeless man crying out to God: awesomeness! And that night ended with a big old family dinner with roughly twenty people. We ate, laughed and played a lot of mafia. I can’t wait to introduce live mafia, so great. Gahhhh! 

Moving in the same order, Saturday night. The soccer team came over to pregame before church. Pregame= annihilating me in UNO while chewing down on chips (aka nachos) and guac. I had half the deck by the time someone won *eyeroll*; those teenage boys were really against me. At 6:45pm we walked over to church. I can’t explain to you how amazing it is to watch these kids interact with their coach, Sebastian. He’s acts with the love of a father to all of them and they point their affection back to him. He’s practically famous. During worship they were bouncing around knocking into each other and him, it sounds very distracting, but I think it looked a little more like Jesus than were sometimes willing to admit. He puts his arms around them, he gives them his time and literally pours everything he’s got over these precious not tiny humans. Awesomeness. I also got to see one of my pals from my last trip after the service. If you know me at all, you know that I love people. I did a little Maggie shriek which included a jump and a slip (because my very cute Mary Janes aren’t super functional) and a big hug. 

And now I’m here, sitting on my futon in my very tiny apartment, burnt nice and crispy (like a great piece of bacon). I’m exhausted and I don’t sleep very well here but I’m alive and on the verge of killing this.

Thanks for following my stories, I love to tell them! Ciao.

The end. 

3 thoughts on “simply crisped.

  1. Love this, Girly. Your enthusiasm is taking over from your discomfort and Simply Maggie is shining through. You make my heart so, so proud (and my eyes a little watery)

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  2. Precious pictures… precious stories…

    I too am a street minister and foster parent, so I am very blessed to find your blog post today. So glad you decided to write after all!


    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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  3. Hi Hon, beautiful pictures of the tiny’s. If these pictures are taken with your new camera they such great color! You say you are getting crisp. No sunblock? You sound happy sometimes and sad others. Hope you can get more God time. Well, falling to sleep while typing so goodnite and God bless. Love, Gram Feb. 3, at 10;3o pm.

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