simply a booger wipe 

today, during nap, I witnessed a tiny wiping her stringy, yellow boogers all over the back on my shirt. In no means was she as stealth as she was trying to be. now you might think “oh poor Maggie, clearly you were so annoyed”. On the contrary dear friends. I (more stealthy than she) took picture evidence to send to my mom and laugh at how gross kids are. I still lick my mother occasionally, so I guess I can’t really comment too much on how gross this three year old tiny is. However repulsive boogers are, it brought me an odd sense of joy. Yeah, I’m that girl. Lately, I’ve been having a really hard time finding joy here. I’m still battling the loneliness and feeling isolated. And there are good times, they just feel like a snap of my fingers. It’s pathetic, but being an over dressed tissue brings me these little multicolored sprinkles of joy. 

Check on The Common Year for more (not composed by me) on finding joy in the mundane, the weird and the particularly gross. 

Sorry for something so short! Today is quite possibly the longest day so far and I’m quite exhausted. Your prayers are quite necessary. Have a delightful afternoon! 

She’s asleep in this picture, but I definitely need to wash above pictures shirt. Ciao. 
The end. 

2 thoughts on “simply a booger wipe 

  1. Hi again Maggie,, tonight I read you post from Jan. 26. It saddened my heart to read what a difficult time you are having since you first arrived. I feared you’d miss your mom more than you thought and that’s a big thing for a young woman. Part of you is missing but all of God is with you all the time. You are so brave and I know you will make it. Love, Gram

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    1. Hi Gram, thanks for you kind words and sweet support. It is true that it has been quite difficult and sometimes frustrating, and I miss my mom a whole bunch. Love you lots,


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