this is(n’t all terrible) 

In my aim for realness, I know I’ve painted something that looks like I’m constantly in misery; that isn’t the truth. It is true that quite often I feel like I’m being tossed between waves of bleh. But I also have good things; the “things” feel much more like fleeting moments BUT they grow as time goes on. 
Sleeping babies are always one. Babies in general. Small humans; they’re just grand! 
I figured I’d list off some of the interesting culture differences. Hopefully you can laugh and smile with me on this one. 
Person space. Nope. Don’t even try for it. Colombians are such touchy feely people, there’s just no chance. Every time I have a one-on-one conversation it feels like a movie. Okay? Why is that odd, Maggie? It is weird because it feels like a romance movie, where the two people get closer and closer until they share a romantic kiss. I’m constantly stuck in those four seconds before a make out session. Take about awkward. But only for me! They don’t care, that’s just the norm. Legs touch under the table? Don’t be the oddball who rips their leg back into their personal bubble, because that’s weird. You just leave it. Just encroach on your pals personal space, because there is no personal space. What’s yours, is mine. And vice versa. Get used to it. 
Americans, you don’t understand how cold you appear. You don’t give (cheek) kisses to the new people you meet? Or offer them every morsel of food in your home. Gosh, how rude. Really, mom, you have some really high standards to meet now. Also, new strangers, I apologize in advance for freaking you out with kisses and hugs, it’s just my favorite part of this culture. I love being close to people, so I’m keeping that. 
-Wanna hang out tomorrow? 

-Yeah sure, I’d love too! 

Don’t be surprised if that never happens. I’ve so far been blown off twice here. It’s just a culture thing. And no one texts you and says “yo sorry, not gonna work out tonight” they just never show up. I won’t bring that one back. I don’t like that one. Bleh. 

Dead serious, don’t. It’s really bad for the plumbing system in this nation. Now, I’m quite thankful that there IS a plumbing system, and I’ve gotten quite used to not flushing the t.p BUT, it’s weird coming home. I remember when I came back from my first trip here (in march) and flipping out in the Atlanta bathroom when I realized I had, in fact, flushed the toilet paper. Pretty sure I said “oh sh*t!” and then one of the other girls on the trip kindly said “we’re in America, it’s ok.” Phew. Dodged a bullet there. If I’m being honest, sometimes when I’m really tired late at night I forget. And I flush. And then I feel guilty all night long, praying that the plumbing system doesn’t explode. That won’t actually happen. I’m just a life long drama queen. 
Pictures from tourist day, yummy coffees, sancocho no. 3, etc. 

So here’s some stuff to smile about, but that doesn’t mean I’m done telling you the hard stuff. 
Until next time (which will be relatively soon), bye. 
The end. 

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