simply as can be 

Sometimes I hope the only reasons you can tell I’m a Christ-follower is my love for people & my love for Jesus. That’s the simple breakdown. 
I have a nose ring and a tattoo, with plans to get more. When I got my nose pierced people had a lot of reasons for me why I shouldn’t have, “what if your future husband doesn’t like nose rings?” (then he probably won’t be my future husband…). And when people see my tattoo they usually gasp a little and comment negatively. Little do they know, that every aspect of it points back to my Savior, you just have to ask about it, I love to talk about it. But how cool is it that there’s a tree sprouting out of my shoe, am I right? Or am I right? 
I get a little bit excited when I meet Christ-followers who swear. Let me explain because that might sound astonishingly odd. I’ve always been a rule follower. I was a goody-two-shoes, a teachers pet, all of it. Parts of me still are that way, but over the past three to four years, my heart has been transforming. I used to cling to the rules of the church and of the Bible. I still comply to them and aim to live my life to the standard that Jesus carried throughout the scripture. But as I was aiming to live and love like Jesus, I realized more and more how the church strains out all the rebels. Hello, Jesus was a rebel. I feel that the church has a tendency to turn their backs to all the people Jesus would’ve pursued recklessly. I feel that very often we get tangled up in rules and regulations and forget that Abba (daddy father) wants us. He never said “come to me after you’ve been purified and bleached and cleansed, then we can be pals” he offers a hand to sin stained, messy people (which is all of us, Christ-followers very included). So I get excited when I meet people who love Jesus and swear because it’s just a reminder that we’re messy. Sometimes I swear. *gasp* No way! If you read my posts, you already know that. I used to get in literal arguments with my siblings about how terrible swearing is, but why? That’s just me pushing rules and giving them a reason to say no to Jesus. Why would I ever want that? I don’t. You don’t need to swear. Not at all, but if you do, I’m sure you have a reason for it. So brothers, I’m sorry for my years of beating you up with rules, I love you and didn’t ever mean to push you like that. You’re old enough to say what you want to say. 

Jesus is all about real, authentic people. Which means real, authentic expression and emotion. If your real, authentic emotions come with a little extra hot sauce, whatever, spicy is good, too!
I love people. That’s one of my favorite things about me. Is that weird? To have favorite things about yourself? Oh well. It’s also one of the things that causes me a lot of pain. Loving people. Usually, I’m pretty reckless about it. I live for lavishing people with love. Sometimes that’s brownies or cakes, sometimes it’s a coffee date I didn’t actually have time for. Sometimes it’s including people. Sometimes it looks like hugs and high fives. Often, it’s me asking what a tattoo means, engaging in someone’s life. Occasionally it looks like making eye contact with a homeless person, or rocking a really tired tiny to sleep. It really often looks like forgiveness. But because of Jesus, I don’t get to have an exclusive love for humans, it’s all inclusive. People with tattoos and piercings. People who drink a lot. People with lots of kids. People with chocolate brown skin or people with pastey white skin. People who love people. People who love dogs. It looks a lot like meaningful conversations and real eye contact. It looks like placing honor on all people. Everyone’s a child of God, whether or not they know it or claim it. Whether or not you think so. Who am I to decide who’s worth it to Jesus. The answer is no one. I don’t get to call those shots. 
So I think that’s as simply as it can be stated, (as one of the churches in the states says) love everyone always. Simple. Always. No if, ands, or buts. 
Now you can probably tell I’m a Jesus freak because my Instagram account often talks about my savior or because I go to church or because I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I think those are all just direct causes of my relationship with Jesus. So yeah. Do with you want with that knowledge. Thanks for reading friends! Go love people recklessly! Woo hoo! 
The End. 

One thought on “simply as can be 

  1. Maggie… I love the posts your mom puts up on Facebook. You’re love for Christ and others shines through. He asks us to love Him first and others second. Simply, pure, beautiful. And, I love your tatoo. I don’t have one yet… but have been thinking about a tree as well with the word.. transformed. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.


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