simply words. 

I love to write, since I was little. I’ve slipped through poetry and songs, stories and essays, books and now blogs. So in a fit of “I’m quite tired of Netflix” I decided to scribble down some words and tonight they look like this: 

There are so many words that rattle through our brains each and every day. Words that carry emotion and vulnerability. Words that carry raw and relentless feeling. Words that we stuff into the backs of our busy busy heads, dismissing the power they hold. If you’re anything like the human I am, you play scenarios in your head where you speak perfectly crafted phrases to perfection, causing the receiver of your words to feel exactly what caused you to string those words into sentences. But your rehearsals are in vain, replaced with the nothingness of “ok” and “I’m fine” and “hey, don’t worry about it.” We have become so fearful of the reaction to our words that our hearts have taken the back seat. The back seat of a fifteen passenger van. And we fill the other seats with words less real and less true. We carry on in conversations where we ache to spill out the truth, our hearts screaming to break free. And we shut them up. Silent. 
Why. Why. Why. This isn’t a cry to go about recklessly slandering and hurting with words like swords, but rather a call to save yourself. To unbind your tethered tongue, to let gentle truth come forth. Gentle means soft, but not wimpy. Gentle means strength and discernment. We aren’t supposed to hide from our emotions or our feelings or our desire to be real. We were created with emotions because that is a immense chunk of our humanness. We were created with tongues to speak words. We were created with beautiful minds to discern with and hearts that help us to be gentle. 

Speak your heart. Sing your words. Let your sentences reach ears, you are much more powerful than your doubts will let you believe. Your “I miss you”s and your “you hurt me”s- they will heal wounds and grow joy. Your “I love you”s and “I care”s will carry heaps of hope and sweetness into the bitterness of the world. Your words bring newness. Your mind is wise and full and bustling with raw humanity, come and be! 

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