this is what’s up. 

Holy guacamole! My, oh, my! I am USA bound in eight days. That’s mind boggling to me. I actually feels surreal that I get to be with a whole bunch of my favorites for a little snippet of time. I’m still bewildered by the fact that I was once petrified at the idea of being in Medellin for more than a week, and now I’ve been here for one hundred and twenty eight days. That’s really a testament to how huge God is. I couldn’t have lasted here so long without him sustaining me. So that’s really awesome. 

My last eight days here are relatively normal but also jam packed. Wednesday I did infact try sushi, and to my surprise I didn’t die. I actually think I enjoyed it. I also sampled my roommates calamari and shrimp. I had to send my brother a video because he’s a shrimp lover and I’m known for wrinkling my nose and gagging whenever he has it. I was not a fan of shrimp, but you win some, you loose some. Shrimp reminded me of the scene in The Lion King where Simba eats his first grub, “slimy… but satisfying”, but I never experienced the “satisfying” part; more like slimy and tolerable. Hmm. 

So what’s new with the Magster, you ask? Well right now I’m working through the growing process of boundaries. Oh my dearest boundaries, how important you are to healthy relationships ships. They’re hard to make because they’re uncomfortable and put us in a position of vulnerability. I have several people in my life I’ve been working on practicing boundaries with for a very long while, so those very few humans are a bit easier. Unfortunately, I find it still very much terrifying when I have to start new boundaries. And here’s the good part- how people react to your boundaries really sets a tone for your relationship & boundaries protect you. Boundaries are different from walls. Walls just block people, boundaries protect. So do it. Set the boundary. Set yourself and your relationships up for success. Set yourself up for creating healthy human interactions. So that’s cool. 

Did I tell you that my job has kind of switched? I’m not the assistant soccer person. That’s fun. I love those kids, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. My big focus in that realm is setting up a mentorship program, I’m really stoked about that. Building relationships is super important. I was in a pretty rad mentorship throughout my middle school days. It sort of fell apart, kind of exploded in the years after but in the four or five years that it functioned, it was amazing. It was a safe space to grow and question and exist emotionally and spiritually. I’m super stoked to be helping to create one for this program. The problem is that Colombians are a relatively flaky people [I still love them, even though this makes life much more difficult]. It’s hard to build a strong mentorship program when the mentors don’t really come through- so pray for that. I’m sure God will show up in a cool and surprising way. But really, someone should make a bran flake cereal called “Piasa Flakes” [I’m going to copywrite that]. 

I’m really excited to be with my family and back in familiar again soon. And there’s the added excitement for my very lovely, always favorite Jeni’s icecream. Being home also means more boundaries in place; there’s a lot of people who didn’t treat me too well in my ending times [or at all] & it’s probably just not wise for my heart to spend time with them. The letting go of relationships [even abusive ones] isn’t easy or fun, so go ahead and pray for me in that, too. 

And that’s all I’ve got for you today folks. If you ever have any specific questions about my time here or what not go ahead and let me know, sometimes I need topic help in writing. 

Much love always. The end. 

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