simply down to four.

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. I am down to four days until takeoff. Craziness. I’m ecstatic to be with my people again so soon, to share with them and rest and just enjoy their existence. I get to celebrate my mom’s birthday, my brothers graduation and a family wedding. My heart is so happy it might just break free from its confines in my ribs and do a giddy little dance. Ok, not my heart, but definitely me. I think it is true, distance certainly does make the heart grow fonder. 

I look forward to taking part in Sunday dinners again [so thankful that this is a part of my life in the first place] and visiting my favorite coffee shops. Mostly, as mentioned a plethora of times, I look forward to holding my mama’s hand; I think that’s a bit funny because I never ever held her hand until I knew I’d be away from her for so long. I think I was embarrassed to? I don’t know, it just did not seem normal so I didn’t do it. Little did I realize how much I was missing out on. It’s ridiculously comforting to hold a hand, particularly the hand of a mommy. I am very particular about physical interaction. Unless I know you ridiculously well and have invited you into my circle of my closest people, physical touch beyond a “hello” or “goodbye” hug is pretty much a no. But once you’ve broken into that so named inner circle it’s sort of a different game. Even before Colombia, these people get cheek kisses and long hugs. Hand holding is normal in this realm, which I adore. It wasn’t for a long time. I had this idea that hand holding was for five year olds and romantic couples. And then I realized how perfectly hands fit together, and I became quite certain that five year olds and couples shouldn’t be the only ones who get to partake in hand hugs. And so I said “screw you” to that mentality. So now I hold my mama’s hand without a care in the world, and my best friends, and the people I am closest with. Happy human interaction, yay! I probably won’t let go of her hand until I have to or I replace it with a Domani’s latte.

They really do mean it when they say after high school, you friend pool takes a targeted hit. All those “friends” somewhat disappear. Apart from my family, I’ve had about four other humans I keep in contact with. I’m sure it’s partially affected by the fact that I dipped out of the country, but nonetheless, high schoolers, be prepared. Those who stick around are keepers. And I’m giddy to see those four humans as well. People who have supported me through and through, with prayers, listening ears, soothing words, etc.. Needless to say, there is much to look forward to.

On the other hand, my friendships here are just beginning. In typical Maggie fashion, I do not have eight bajillion friends here. I have about five, two or three of which I regularly share time with. Friendsday wednesday [childish names make things better] is a thing and Saturday I found myself on top of a nearby mountain with hot choclate and good conversation. So those things makes it difficult to leave. However, I’m ready. And it’s only a short time before I make my way back over to home number two: Colombia. There’s also a new baby in Sala Cuna who likes me and tiny humans aren’t ever easy to say bye to. 

In anticipation for this weekend, here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to:

1. Mom

2. Brothers, I miss my closest buddies

3. Driving

4. Aunt Kari 

5. Jeni’s icecream 

6. Seeing pals

7. Bonfires

8. Camping

9. Adventures

10. Chicago 

11. Coffee shops

12. Sunday dinner

13. Grandma DeeDee & Papa Tom

14. My favorite vehicles

15. Cydnie [a pal]

16. Dani [another pal] and the French fry adventure

17. Unc & Aunt

18. Al’s cafe

19. Hearing my moms laugh

20. The bathtub

21. Denver [the dog]

22. SlimShady [the cat]

23. Tacos [they don’t have that here]

24. Family breakfasts

25. Steady wifi 

26. My comfy bed

27. My typewriter [would’ve brought it if it didn’t weight all of my check baggage weight and some]

28. My family, my family, my family  

(no specific order).
See you soon America! 

The end. 

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