this is being wooed

It has been a complete whirlwind lately and the dust is finally settling enough for me to write some of it into words. We’ve just finished an accidental two team pileup. By accidental I’m referring to the plethora of hurricanes that made an extra week-in-a-half tangle of getting one team home while another team was here. It was a lot of running and rescheduling and managing, but crazy as that sounds I wouldn’t change it. God did so much through the both of those teams. I might even say that He did more through the second team during their “stranded” time than during their actual planned trip. It was crazy spectacular all the work that Abba did.

While these two teams were here, they often prayed over the interns and we got to receive and be filled. As an intern, we are ministers. God has given everyone gifts and talents, and I feel more and more He is highlighting, circling, underlining, elephant paging the things He has for me, and then He starts extracting them. He shows me how to use what He is giving me but He doesn’t quit there- then He has me practice them, do them, use them. To be interacting in the spiritual capacity of my being is thrilling and exciting and fulfilling, but also abnormally draining. It was so good to be filled. // On the scheduled departure day for team one, two of the members were pulling aside interns and praying over them. When they told me I was next I did the “oh no not me” for a split second. I can’t be the only one who does that. But come my turn I went skipping to the hot seat, plopped down with a heart ready to receive and be ministered to. And here is what was drilled into my heart; my soul has been twirled up in this as if it were a warm soft blanket. God is wooed by me. Whoa. I am being wooed by God. More whoa. Goodness, my savior is so grand. He is so great. I know this, I know how much Jesus loves me. I remember at some little girl conference, Secret Keeper Girls, the speaker mentioned that God is “tickled pink, silly in love with His daughters.” I think the wooing is the more adult version of that. I think it is important to be reminded not just that we serve a loving God, but a God who is completely wrapped up in His creations. It’s a bizarre thought to think that the most high God, the one who crafted stars and planets and moons and mountains and me is captured by me. His eyes are me with love and delight and desire and longing. His cheeks blush up with love when He sees me. When I am dancing in worship, He is watching my smile and the way my hands cut through the air. He loves me the very exact way I crave to be loved. He delights in sunflowers because He knows my whole soul smiles at them. God is wooed by me. How freaking cool is that!!! 

And then on top of that awesome fact drop, I get to be wooed by Him. Which is wildly true. He has been pulling out all the stops. And He’s doing a killer job. At the women’s conference He was pulling out ugly ugly lies my whole being was believing and He replaced them with sweet, delightable truths [there was a lot of ugly crying in public view- but that’s a whole other blog post]. He has been gently whispering my name and embracing me fully with His strong arms. He has been giving me ridiculous amounts of time to worship and to soak. He has been calling me beautiful, and daughter, precious, masterpiece, beloved: all the sweet, endearing names. He is so marvelous. In wooing me He is teaching me how to be loved, how I should be loved. His love for me is His example of how my husband should love me. I am rejoicing that His example is so pure and lovely and true. Not only is it an example for how I should  be loved but it’s also the truth of how I am loved. I am being drenched in the sweet, lovely love of my sweet Jesus, my Abba, my God! 

So that’s a short bit, but while I was piecing together what I would write, He reminded me of wooing. And the very best truth is that He is that in love with you. The creator is wooed by your existence, and He is working to woo you.

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