simply twenty three.

Tick tock, tick tock. I have about twenty four hours left in this country I adore and that doesn’t feel great in my heart. However, I know that this feeling isn’t going anywhere. The connection that makes me so rooted here is deep, deep inside of me and landing and living on the other side doesn’t change a thing: this has become my heart country. My time here felt longer than it was and my heart flourished the majority of the time. I felt a battle against loneliness and God showed me the tribe he’s raised up here so vibrantly in those moments. There are people all around me that have zero cause to love me and they still do, they are by no means my American tribe but they are something special. I come home with two new tattoos that I LOVE, one is posted, the second you’ll have to find me for. I’ve eaten all my favorite foods, gone to all my favorite places, led some insane worship moments, finally made headway on some songs, I’ve adventured, met Juan Cuadrado, poured out love, received love, danced, drunken lots of coffee, mostly done it all. It’s been a growth and revealing time, & I’ve loved each moment of it.And I’m mixed emotion 101 over here because I’m excited for the states, to see Cyd and fam and the rest of that tribe, leaving here always feels like ripping of a bandaid. Actually, maybe just ripping off a piece of duck tape… or trying to peel gorilla glue off of your skin; it’s hard and painful and not all too delightful. This time around, I’m focusing on embracing that side, too. In the past I’ve left myself slip into a “this is not Colombia” depression- while I’m in the states, I’m going to enjoy it. See you in twenty three America… well actually no, I’ll just be saying chao to Colombia in twenty three. Prayers for smooth transition and safe travels. Also you can pray for my new bud Camilo, too- but he’s for another blog.

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